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We are a full service guide and adventure company!


Imagine yourself hooking into an 18 inch rainbow trout on a private stream in the mountains of Virginia, or paddling a canoe in Ontario's lakes and rivers catching small mouth bass and northern pike on every cast.  Hiking in California's Sierra mountains enjoying the majestic Sequoias, or packrafting in Alaska!  



Living a busy, hectic life leaves little time to get out on the trail let alone plan a trip.  That's why I rely heavily on NLAGS and guide Travis Poe to keep me active in the outdoors.  Travis takes care of all the planning, gear, and logistics which allows me to show up and enjoy the Trip.  NLAGS can cater to the weekend warrior or someone looking to plan a memorable excursion. Can't wait for my next outing with Travis.  A definite 5 star outfit. 


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