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 Fly Fishing LESSONS & GUIDE Services

At Northern Lights Adventures and Guide Services we offer different fly fishing packages.  We tailor trips to your comfort zone. Whether you are fishing private a stream in the beautiful mountains of Virginia or enjoying  Wisconsin's driftless area, both offer excellent fishing as well as incredible scenary. 


We offer fly casting lessons on a regular basis.  Sometimes these will be on land to practice different casting techniques.


During a guided stream trip we will go over many things, a few of them being how to read a stream, knot tying and casting techniques.  


GUIDE - single day

The single day guided trip will be at a private stream in Virginia.  At this stream you will have the opportunity to hook into a rainbow, brown, brook, and on rare occasions tiger trout.  


Client is responsbible fot transportation and lodging.  Recommendations upon request. 

GUIDE - multi day adventure

The multi day guide trip may be at several different private streams in Virginia.  Also there is an option to fish Wisconsin's driftless area and experience some prolific insect hatches in the midwest.  


The  multiday adventures consist of a hike into a mountain stream in Virginia's Hidden Valley and then camp close to the stream.  With this option you get to experience fly fishing as well as hiking and camping in the mountains.


Another adventure option is packrafting the Jackson River below Lake Moomaw and  stopping at many fishable holes. 

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